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If you think wrong, it can feel right.

Warren Brown talks about the inspiration for his latest creative project.

Throughout my life I've always been excited by creative ideas that are like striking oil. The best ideas usually take time to warm them up.

Change is always uncomfortable, but with a great idea you can't kill it, and in time it'll eventually be celebrated.

Some of the best ideas were thought crazy; Star Wars, described as Cowboys versus Indians in space. Porsche 911, a car where the engine was hanging out the back. Warhol, who turned the mundane and populist into high art. Cartoonist Gary Larson, who showed us that cows could stand up and talk.

All you need is a mad idea. Initially a few people will love it, but most will trash it.

In my advertising career, "they hate it", is a sure sign that it is worth persevering with an idea. Give an idea time. Give people a chance to love it. Never give up; your gut and instinct are stronger than your brain.

The challenge is to find an idea that feels big enough to explore, and enjoy the fun of where it takes you. That is the joy and the struggle.

Right now I believe great cars weren't just made, they were born.

It's just an idea, but it's certainly a mad one.

To see more of the works, visit

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