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Train Your Instincts – New Program

gut instincts have great value in business

Gutthink's new Leadership Program helps senior managers make quicker, sharper decisions by cutting through the reams of analysis and tapping into their gut instincts.

Uncovering the mysteries and myths surrounding this ‘sixth sense’, we highlight the latest research from psychological studies, recent work by the U.S. Army and other leading institutions. We explore how neuroscience explains the links between the reptilian, limbic and logical brains, the enteric nervous system and decision-making.

Built with leading Australian management coach, Andrew Lee, the ten person multi-disciplinary workshop is applicable for all senior managers, from marketing, finance to IT and design. It drives participants to focus on how to drive their instinctual knowledge to gain advantage over the competition.

For more details visit:

Spring Course ran October 30/31 in Sydney.

Summer Course runs March 15/16 in Sydney. Limited places Available.

Contact Martin Rippon for more details.

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