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Retrain Your Brain for the Age of AI

Retrain Your Brain with Gutthink Coaching

Faster than we know it, we are all entering the new ‘Age of AI’. This leads to the confronting question “what will be the role of human intelligence in this new world of work?”

Gutthink & Partners team have been investigating some of the real-world applications of Augmented and Artificial Intelligence already changing the way people work.

Join us for early evening drinks and an intriguing presentation that highlights what is happening with AI now, and the implications for how we need to disrupt the way we think: 18th October, 6pm at The Studio, Level 6, 11 York St, Sydney (free admission).

To go further in depth, we are holding a one-day workshop on 26th November in Sydney, where we investigate how the very way we communicate with other human beings will be ‘disrupted’ by the exponential technological change we are witnessing. We demonstrate how we need to disrupt the way we use our human hardware and software - our brains - and rewire the established thinking patterns that have evolved over millions of years.

Building on the latest neuroscience, management science and psychology, this workshop will improve how you process information, develop ideas, and channel your instincts in a mindful way. This can lead to better outcomes, both individually and as a team.

We investigate how our instinctive intelligence can be used to enhance creative problem-solving and speed decision making. We learn how to utilise, but not being confined by, the mass of data that is available to us across organisations and across the web.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be better equipped to speed decision-making and develop unique solutions through:

* An improved awareness of, and respect for, instinct and intuition in creativity and decision making

* Recognition that both data and intuition are in the DNA of great ideas

* Improved confidence in recognising and harnessing their Instinctual Intelligence

* Improved capability in dealing with a broader range of issues

To sign up for workshop on November 24th, click here. (Places limited)

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