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Business Consulting

Combining our legal, creative and commercials skill sets, we can find the brand or marketing magic that can set businesses ahead of the pack 


As ‘outsider’ experts we provide clear direction on where to focus for success..


We have also ‘baked’ legal searches into the idea development phase, to ensure that we are proposing ‘ownable’ ideas. When we present, we will have already conducted a high level review of our ability to protect the IP in the idea.


Recent assignments include:

•    Developing entry positioning into a new category for an Australian retailer

•    Developing the business plan to monetise a global social media community

•    Fine-tuning and developing a ‘disruptor’ B2B play in the media sector.


Our goal is to provide a quick, actionable response within a 2 - 6 week timeframe.

Contact us now to see how we might help

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