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Ideas are precious.  In a world where mimicking the best ideas has never been easier, our goal is to provide our clients with unique, protectable IP.  Too often creative agencies leave the due diligence work to clients' in-house teams, feedback coming along too late in the process.  


So rather than trying to make ideas ownable after they have been presented, we have baked legal searches into the development phase, to ensure that we are presenting protectable ideas.  Once commissioned, an engagement fee is agreed, along with the potential fees for either licensing for a time period, or buying them outright. All this is contained in an upfront contract and NDA to protect both parties.

Currently are involved in new business start ups across:


Children's Apparel


HR / Talent

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Crazy Arms were developed to help keep children's arms protected from the harmful UV rays that can damage the skin 's DNA, leading to skin cancers in later life.  


The idea was to create products that kids wanted to wear, rather than keep having the battles about putting sun screen on every morning.  So - in start-up language - it's helping tackle one big problem by starting with a small everyday one.  


Gutthink's Martin Rippon teamed up with two fellow entrepreneurs to bring this product to life.  The brand idea and trademark work was fostered within the IP Factory.  Crazy Arms was brought to market in six months, launching in November 2018 during National Skin Cancer Action Week.


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