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Andrew Lee - Gutthink & Partners | Sydney, Australia

Andrew Lee

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Andrew has designed and delivered organisational development programs throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East, as Managing Director of Inqurio.  The universal nature of his approach has enabled him to achieve success in both the public and private sector, in industries as diverse as oil and gas finance, education, health and retail. Curious by nature and always looking for more effective ways to engage, explain and educate, Andrew has focused on building curiosity as a catalyst for learning and problem solving. In 2010, he delivered a plenary on “Cultivating Curiosity” at the International Conference on Thinking in Kuala Lumpur.


Among his many career highlights, he has acted as lead facilitator on several year-long leadership programs for the NAB, trained hundreds of leaders for the ABS, and he is currently leading a team facilitating a safety-focussed, culture change program for approximately 2,000 people. In February 2013, he completed training over 150 indigenous Papua New Guineans in cultural self-awareness, to support their assimilation into a western multi-national culture.

Andrew has worked closely with the company partners in developing the bespoke Gutthink™ Training Leadership and Development programme.

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