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Entrepreneurial Intelligence - Two-day Public Course 15 &16 March 2018 Sydney

Accelerate your business with new ideas and better, more agile decision making.

Leaders need to think on their feet, innovate and trust their instincts to thrive in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment. Rather than loading managers and leaders up with more and more skills and techniques - we liken them to recipes - we help leaders think differently. Moving beyond IQ and EQ, we develop awareness of the frequently ignored unconscious intelligence. Something that entrepreneurs have been tapping into for centuries.

Drawing on many years' experience helping organisations succeed, and diving deep into the latest research in neuro science, the course delivers unique insights on how leaders can tap into their 'inner entrepreneur'.

Who should attend?

The Programme will inspire current or aspiring C-Suite executives, helping harness their instincts and intelligence even more successfully in day-to-day business thinking.

Built with leading Australian management coach, Andrew Lee, the ten-person multi-disciplinary workshop is applicable for all senior managers, from marketing, finance to IT and design. It drives participants to focus on how to drive their instinctual knowledge to gain advantage over the competition.

'The Gutthink training challenged me in a way I hadn't experienced before. Achieving a deeper understanding of my thinking and how it affects my decisions and communication has really changed my strategic approach'

Marketing & Insights Manager

Luxury Goods

Location and Time

Workshop runs 9.30am to 5pm each day.

Location: HC Coombs Centre on the corner of Kirribilli Avenue and Carabella in Kirribilli, overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Course details

Day One focuses on the 'entrepreneurial mindset' - the business case for being more agile, more innovative and faster in decision making. We explore intelligence using discoveries in neuro science to explain how you can better tap into your 'multiple intelligences'.

From Bezos, Branson and Jobs to Federer and Picasso we'll show you how they got into the flow, trusted their gut instincts, and redefined the game to stay ahead of the pack. We help you map your natural decision approaches through our Gt™ Profile to see how you can optimise your creative thinking.

Day Two the focus shifts to practical application and building confidence in trusting your instincts. Using case examples (including your own) we work on how to make innovative, creative connections to drive new ideas for your business, how to embed intuitive thinking into your working, and how to sell the ideas back to stakeholders.

Next Course May 15 & 16, Sydney

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